AMBRA010: Joakuim - Channel 23
Out on 4th of November 2013
In a time where depth and subtleties are a rare apparition, Ambra Recordings distinguishes itself from the pack releasing tasteful cuts of drum & bass. After the huge success of The Last Ceremony EP they continue the saga with a digital two tracker by Marseille based music soulchild Joakuim!
We kick off with Channel 23. A track with soft piano licks and chords, deep heartfelt bass and delayed cuts taken from the lovely voice of Aretha Franklin. The endresult is a nimble roller with a melancholic undertone, a refreshing laid back approach to contemporary drum and bass.
For the second track Incognito, Joakuim submerges into a blissful intensity using hovering sounds and scapes as well as some refined synth play. It makes the release intriguing but still accessible and shows a producer who's on top of his game. Quality tones and textures in both tracks, a release well worth checking out!
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