AMBRA018: Caffeine featuring. Max Fuzz - Market's Theme EP
out on 11th of May 2015
Hailing from Rome, Caffeine started DJ’ing in the late 90’s mixing drum & bass and rave music. He quickly started experimenting with production using samplers and an Atari ST 1040. He has always been involved with several musical projects ranging from producing drum & bass as part of the Fatsnare Crew or creating techno and electronica with analog and modular synths as part of Seeds on Sofa. His musical influences consist of many genres like, jazz, funk, soul but also ambient, metal and hip-hop although his love for drum & bass is infinite.
At a coffee bar near Caffeine’s studio he met Max Fuzz who has played piano since childhood before fully focusing on sax. He explores different genres like klezmer, indian music, funk and soul and has played with numerous bands like Cyclone, Nuove Tribù Zulu and Da Face. In a short lapse of time they had their first studio sessions and recorded their first songs. When playing out together during gigs they like add live elements to the show such as sax, bass guitar and vocals by Nicoletta Nardi.
The Market’s EP is the duo’s first official output pushed forward by Lithuanian drum & bass label Ambra Recordings. The EP’s title track rolls effortlessly underlined by a deep, bouncy bass. The live sax with eastern influences really manages to turn the track into something extraordinary without sounding cheap or dominant, furthermore the spectrum is filled with dreamy, reverbed sample cuts. Next up is ‘Eschilo’ . Opening with a very cool musical progression the track evolves into deeper mood with heartfelt piano chords and stabbing, soaring bass sounds. A great debut EP by a surprising duo you need to keep an eye out for.
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