AMBRA017: PAUL SG - Goggles & Gauges EP
out on 9th of March 2015
Ambra Recordings gears up for their first digital release in 2015 featuring two stellar tracks by Vienna based Paul SG. Influenced by the sounds of Kruder & Dorfmeister he took up production back in 2006 which quickly resulted in releases on labels such as Innerground and Goodlooking Records. His tracks are unmistakingly recognizable and all about organic touches in sound and drum work.
First up is 'Goggles & Gauges' that revolves around light weight, hypnotic stabs and textures. Overlayed by sultry chords and the occasional horn sample the SG manages to keep things interesting through the whole course. The breakdown gives us a taste of where he came from and shows us he's not afraid to emphasize the subtleties in drum & bass. Don't be afraid to dive right in!
We continue with Caragua that offers a more ominous vibe with widespread atmospherics and classy strings. The fierce percussion and deep sub are the driving force behind this composition that brings together a bit of light and dark. It's beautifully crafted electronic music, perfect for home listening or the dancefloor. Once again Paul SG proves why he's on top of the game.
©2011 Ambra Recordings
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