I ruffly started producing music when i was about 16, my mates had a tekno sound6tem back then and where doin some wicked free parties quite often, so i started hangin out with them and i really enjoyed this electronic vibe and ended up buying an old drum machine and then a software with controllers to do sort of a tekno live act and stuff! from there i moved to Mexico city for couple of years and start to listen for the first time to some descent drum'n'bass, with such a great liquid vibe that i got hooked up straight away! start buying some records from there, stuff like Alix Perez,Zero T,and all the good ones (refusal!!!)
anyway after that i moved to London to just be able got get the point on whats dnb music a bit more! :) and then after fw years i moved back recently to my home town in Marseille! man thats so cool you knw! sunny,cheaper,loats of good vibes....
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Ambra Recordings, a fresh drum and bass label based in Vilnius, Lithuania.
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